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August 2017

Time has moved on since I wrote my first description here. I am now over 50 and through exploring the path that depression led me down I worked out that I was autistic. This blog chronicles that experience but also my life after my diagnosis. Of course, that path continues to be explored but there is more to me than being on the autistic spectrum.

The blog was and continues to be a place where I explore my creativity through writing itself, but also through other avenues. I may occasionally write a song or a bit of fiction, even a cartoon, but my main creative art is photography. I will take pictures of anything, but as I sit here, I think my main focus is on scale. In a scientific sense our understanding of the universe goes from quantum mechanics to general relativity and behaviour at both ends of the scale is completely outside our common experience. The world I experience still holds surprises at the large scale and small and I want to share that. Our world is also a transient place and I also like to record the everyday beauty that is often ignored in rushing around. It is important for me to stop and smell the roses.

I am also a musician, a cyclist and a traveller of foreign lands so these may crop up occasionally too.

Thank you for reading, and I wish you an illuminating day.

Unless otherwise stated all photographs in this blog are mine and I would appreciate if you use one, that you acknowledge who took it and point people back to this blog. 

Original About

I am a thinker and observer. As I approach being 50, I find I am entering a period of my life that is rather unnerving. It seems to be time to sort out much that I have ignored. Perhaps that is what “mid-life crisis” refers to?

I find myself needing to admit I have been depressed for most of my life, where admitting means going to see my GP and trying to do something about it. The doing something about it isn’t easy. I am very good at covering up my depression. In fact I am very good a suppressing emotions period.

So in the wider picture, I’m a middle aged man trying to rediscover and connect with the  hidden me. I think being creative is a way to do that and since I have always turned to writing to sort myself out, I am starting a blog.

I have always felt I was different, and as an adult I acknowledge everyone is unique, but perhaps through this blog I will discover that I am not so different as I believe.

Thank you for reading.

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