Middle Aged Thoughts from Scotland



I am a thinker and observer. As I approach being 50, I find I am entering a period of my life that is rather unnerving. It seems to be time to sort out much that I have ignored. Perhaps that is what “mid-life crisis” refers to?

I find myself needing to admit I have been depressed for most of my life, where admitting means going to see my GP and trying to do something about it. The doing something about it isn’t easy. I am very good at covering up my depression. In fact I am very good a suppressing emotions period.

So in the wider picture, I’m a middle aged man trying to rediscover and connect with the  hidden me. I think being creative is a way to do that and since I have always turned to writing to sort myself out, I am starting a blog.

I have always felt I was different, and as an adult I acknowledge everyone is unique, but perhaps through this blog I will discover that I am not so different as I believe.

Thank you for reading.

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