Happy morning,
Drinking coffee,
Talking adventures,
Reading the paper.

Indirect questions,
Making plans,
Using the car,
Ethical travel.

Happiness to hurt,
Exaggerated judgement,


Head exploding,
Need to release,
Broken chair.

Need to escape,
Shaking with emotion,
Walking to reconnect,
Walking to calm the mind.

Walking in slippers,
Cannot turn back,
Walking whilst freezing,
In thin layers.

Able to think,
But not to return,
Need better footwear,
Need to explain to friend.

Need more recovery,
Cannot touch darkness,
Need to connect with outside,
Need silence and movement to soothe.

Walking in shoes,
What route shall I take,
Walking away from people,
Rhythm to heal.

I pass dogwalkers,
I pass youths eating crisps,
One kicking a football,
And pick up their litter.

A young dog carrying a bag,
Proud owner I say,
To the man,
Who looks puzzled.

Rendez-vous time,
With my friend,
We meet,
We walk and talk.

Stop for coffee and cake,
We talk about what?
Running, retirement,
Not what I expected.

We don’t mention my meltdown,
Perhaps he doesn’t know,
I don’t need to talk I suppose,
Keep on walking.