Five nights since last I sat here,
This is my home,
The room I chose colours for,
The room I helped plan,
Filled with books I picked,
Heated with a radiator I plumbed in,
A room so familiar,
Yet I am lost here,
A comfortable place,
Yet I don’t know what to do.

Outside the door,
There are people cooking dinner,
Others using a computer,
Or watching an overloud TV,
I know all these people,
They are my friends and family,
Yet I need to avoid them,
People are complications,
People are demands,
That I cannot handle just now.

The door opens,
A person enters,
And my dog jumps up beside me on the sofa,
The person talks about catching up on a TV programme,
Picks a cookbook up,
And is gone,
The demand delayed,
Until after tea,
My mobile pings,
I didn’t know I had left data on.

The dog lies quietly beside me,
Not even touching,
My nearby prescence,
Is all he needs,
My peacefulness,
My protection,
Is not hindered by this,
I can feel some heat from him,
On my leg,
His presence soothes if anything.

The person returns,
And sits down near me too,
An armchair this time,
They flick through books,
I try to ignore them and continue writing,
Pans are clanking in the kitchen,
Some one walks around upstairs,
Floorboards creaking,
The dog lifts his head up and down,
Trying to figure out what is going on,
Pages are turned.

I am in a room so familiar,
A room where I hide from my world,
A familiar yet too challenging world,
All because I went on holiday.

The world has invaded my peace,
A book reader,
A call that dinner is ready,
A bark of excitement,
It is time to leave,
Words muddled and lost now,
Brain beginning to panic,
I want to stay here,
But etiquette says I leave.

Next time,
I need to learn from this,
Next time,
I will prepare the others for my needs,
Next time,
If I remember that is.