A strong breeze,
Pushes me up the hill,
Somehow it doesn’t have,
The same effect,
On my cycling friends,
I am slightly on edge,
The weather app tells me,
Heavy persistent rain,
From eleven onwards,
For a couple of hours,
Will we be back in time?

Up and down,
Countryside lanes,
Hedges starting to show,
The growth that,
The grass found first,
Primroses nested,
Under a hedge,
I wanted to take a photo,
But carry on instead,
Ignoring the developing regret.

We pass a farmhouse,
And find ourselves amongst,
Oak lined fields,
Full of mothers and lambs,
Number 44 is hanging out,
With the 35 twins’ family,
A sheep is calling nearby,
Sure enough it has,
A larger 44 daubed on it,
I sympathise with the mum,
So hard,
When a child runs off.

Earth day was yesterday,
The lambs are so cute,
In the field,
But obviously destined for food,
And I ponder,
The ethics,
Of farming animals,
Do we really know,
The psychological impact,
Of taking offspring,
From their mothers?
Has anybody,
Even tried to find out?

I ponder,
The role I play,
In the demand for goods,
I rarely eat meat nowadays,
But like so many,
I would miss bacon,
Even being vegan is an issue,
Look at the destruction,
In Argentina,
Caused by soya production.

Back home now,
Staring out,
Of the kitchen window,
We grow our own fruit,
But in reality,
It is the blossom,
I love,
The fruit is a bonus.

Should we try,
Once again,
To grow vegetables,
In the garden?
Hens have,
Become popular,
But I’m not sure,
How the poodle,
Would take to them.

I think about food miles,
Difficult to live,
Off root vegetables,
And soft fruit,
All real round,
Though sea fishing,
Is also close I realise,
It’s a shame,
I’m not much of a fan,
Of seafood.
But it seems to me,
That part of the issue,
Is that,
I can get,
What I want,
When I want it.

I love eating food,
From around the world,
But what makes,
Those meals special?
If it’s texture,
And flavour,
Then surely,
We could use,
Local ingredients,
And bring in,
Only the flavours,
Wouldn’t that,
Cut down the bulk of freight?

But it is not,
Just food,
That’s the issue,
I’d probably need,
A freezer,
To make the harvest,
Last all year,
Which brings me to energy,
Not just how,
We produce it,
But also how,
We consume it,
I am all for recycling,
But I suspect,
The economic case,
Depends on the price,
Of oil,
And it is more,
The will of the people,
That forces reuse,
Of plastics,
Metal and glass.

I wonder what would happen,
If we all had,
A limited quota of energy,
And everything,
We bought,
Had an energy breakdown.
Goods would show,
Food mileage,
Packaging costs,
And whether,
Renewable sources,
Were used,
All in terms,
Of Energy.

We could save energy by,
Growing our own,
Reusing materials,
Travelling under,
Our own power,
Even generating,
Something locally,
To give back.

Humans being humans though,
Would find some way,
To cheat the system,
To create reasons,
For going to war,
To force,
Others around to,
Their own thinking.
They would bargain,
Cajole, threaten,
Or deceive,
To remain in control,
To be perceived,
As great,
In their own minds,
At the cost,
Of a wonderful planet,
The like,
We almost certainly,
Won’t see again,
Unless we bend,
Space and time,
And travel to the stars.