Delicate Photograph

Delicate to me but strong to a fly

Writing about Delicate

Delicate is a descriptive word. I think of flowers and cobwebs, things that can be easily damaged. People are delicate too, though we all wear masks and try not to show how much something affects us. I think to lead healthy lives we all need to become more aware of how we are feeling. Think about how something affects us and acknowledge that sense. The news this morning is all about Brexit again. There are people who will say that it is done and dusted and we all need to pull together to make the most of the situation. Then there are people who say with authority (having written the clause of the Lisbon Treaty) that say we can cancel the process at anytime. I am autistic and usually prefer my own company but I think unity is a better state to tackle global issues. Governments should be unifying on global problems not retreating into their own borders and pretending it doesn’t affect them. Equally though I don’t think you can force your opinion onto others, it must be a democracy not a dictatorship. Thinking about these things has a depressing effect on me. Being depressed will make my day difficult. Decisions will be harder. Less energy will be available for others. It isn’t a good way to start a day. But then I am delicate like that.

Sketch of Delicate

So where did all my ink pens go?

Butterfly and buddleia