Sketching Habit

Ask me to do something and the automatic reply is “no”,  but this probably (that’s an opt out clause) means that I will do it at some point in the future.


Writing about Habit

Today’s word is habit and I have a few. When I was a kid I would be told off for jiggling my leg up and down at speed. I think it disturbed those sitting around the table with me. I also scratched my skin a lot. I also rain my fingers through my hair. Nowadays I make do by running my fingers through the dogs hair. I picked my nose too. I think a lot of my habits though were ways of dealing with anxiety, anxiety because I was on the spectrum and didn’t know that I was being overstimulated. Now things have changed a bit. I still scratch when I get anxious but my skin also has psoriasis so I try not to scratch because it tends to lead to bleeding and the plagues getting worst. The leg jiggling is not so prolific because those comments had an effect on me, but I will rub my hands a lot. More major distress will see me rubbing my head too and unfortunately scratching. I also am a bit addicted to cleaning my ears out with cotton buds. It is an automatic reaction when I go into the bathroom to. I try to reign it in though because it can lead to infections and soreness. Habits are not only about doing things, it about routines as well. I like having a spreadsheet to tick off things I have done. I prefer to do things in a certain way and in a certain order. One might call these habits I suppose but they are more than that to me. They are a necessary way of leading a peaceful life. I am happier when the dishwasher is stacked correctly, or when the washing is hung out correctly, or my clothes are folded just so. Of course correctly is just my opinion but ask me, and I will justify it.

Photos of Habit