Writing about Confuse

I am so easily confused because I don’t have an emotional compass to make decisions. I have to base decision on facts. For instance I was looking up winter tyres for a friend the other day. It takes me a long time to come to a conclusion because I have to compare all the different reviews and decide a best of the best. Actually it takes longer because I first have to become informed about what I am researching. So if my tyre is marked “205/65 R17V”, I need to understand all those numbers. The final decision comes based on price. For something like car tyres I would probably would not worry about the cost too much. £200 over £500 isn’t much when the tyres are going to last many years, my safety is concerned and I can afford it. Assuming you don’t sell your car like I did! I think this is one of the reasons autistic people like consistency. Decisions are difficult so I want to minimise the number I have to make. I am happy with my favourite curry and can eat it all week. I am comfortable in shorts and t-shirts so that is what I wear all year round. But while I have my standards I am open to new experiences, I just need to expend a lot of energy getting there. I am afraid that if you make some massive effort to produce a wonderful meal and I don’t like it, I can’t pretend it is good. If I don’t say anything it is because I know saying I don’t like it is going against social convention, and I don’t want to upset people

Sketching Confuse


Photograph of Confuse(d)

Where do I start? What do I do with it?