The photo for this one came pretty quickly whilst I was taking my morning fixes. The writing and sketching came later.

Drug Photograph

Morning drugs of choice.

Writing about Drug

I guess when I think about drugs it is either the type people take to get high or the ones I take to keep myself healthy. In a sense all drug taking is perhaps trying to make oneself better. I know recreation drug taking can lead to addiction and death. In the moment though the drugs are taken they are taken to provide relief. To provide a respite from something. Something that challenges their psyche. Perhaps they have been beating up, raped, mugged or topically sexually abused. Perhaps they couldn’t cope with the environment they were born into too or the one they live in. I write like I am not part of this group, but I have taken drugs. No nothing illegal, not even pot at university though I probably inhaled some. But I have taken drugs to cope with depression. I do take drugs to deal with the side effects that my anxiety has on my body. I also know what it is like to take heroin. It was under supervision of course because it was supplied by the NHS. I remember that after my transplant I felt like superman. I could do anything. I could be anything. I was taking large doses of steroids so my metabolism was in overdrive and I was on morphine for pain. Plus a few other things. I can remember that drug induced confidence, I didn’t need anything or anyone. I have never felt so good before or since. I can see how appealing that feeling is. I know how tempting it would be to feel that way again. We all have things we would like to escape. Drugs can provide a temporary respite from that pain but then so can playing computer games, going for a walk, and taking a photograph. They tend not to be so deadly either.

Sketching Drug