Give me a clear blue sky and an autumn day and I will get lost in taking photographs. There is always another beautifully interesting shot to be taken. I particularly love the way trees change in colour and cover, revealing the sinuous substructure underneath. Distribution in these photos is about colour, light and objects. The sunlight silhouetting trees, slicing through the brown leaves on the green grass and producing deep blue skies. Today the photos came first followed by the sketch and my thoughts.

Distribution Photographs

Distribution Sketch

Hair yesterday, gone today.

Thoughts on Distribution

It is hard for me with my mathematical training not to think of a binomial or bell curve when I hear the word distribution. It is just the way of the world statistically speaking. I suspect I am often subconsciously processing the distribution of things. Why are the chocolates arranged in that manner? Does the way that tree’s leaves that are still attached indicate the prevailing winds? Why does that tree look like the colour change happened from the top? Why do people hang out at that coffee shop rather than the one across the road? What proportion of the population aren’t interested in fashion in London? How long into the walk will my dog stop trying to sniff everything? There are endless questions to ask about how things are arranged. Then there is the act of distribution that major companies have to make. Where does Amazon put its warehouses? How many lorries or trains does the Royal Mail lay on to transport mail from England to Scotland? How does that change when Black Friday comes along? Optimization is another wonderful area of mathematics. It was a shame that I had such a rubbish lecturer at Uni.