Really? Who wrote that random word generator? I started with photographs today, followed by words and sketching.

Photograph of a Seducer

Okay for some reason I went to looking at shops and what they sell at their tills. In the UK I think there was a movement to stop supermarkets selling sweets and other pester things desired by children at the tills. Brief survey showed this was true in larger food stores, but not in the places where people dash in and out like petrol stations, newsagents and express food stores.

Seducer in Words

So seducer, where does that take me? Well the art of seduction usually refers to somebody trying to influence another to have sex with them when the second person may be reluctant for some reason. There is something about being in a risky situation and doing something that is perhaps frowned upon by others. I guess the others are the accepted social norm but I am not sure people pay much attention to social norms. A classic one would be a married man seducing another younger woman to sleep with him, but equally an older woman enticing a younger man into bed would be seen as against social norms. Having an Asperger’s mind (I assume!) I really don’t see what the point of social norms are. Two (or more) consenting adults of any combination of genders doesn’t bother me. Why should it? Personally I don’t get the whole seduction thing. I was once told that a mutual friend was going to seduce me at university but I didn’t notice if it happened. In my experience seduction is more based around things I want to own or eat. I may be seduced by the plate of shortbread biscuits when a friend gives me a coffee. I know I shouldn’t eat more than one really, but if they are left there I will munch my way through them. Coffee, biscuits and restraint are not a combination that fits well with me. I may be seduced by gadgets too but I want to know something is worth the money when I buy it. Le Creuset cookware is worth it in my book since I am still using the same casserole dishes I bought over thirty years ago. An Audi A3 car is not worth it. I’d rather buy a cheaper version of the same model in the Skoda range. I suppose inanimate objects can’t really seduce me because they have no intent, but then we are matched fine.  I am probably incapable of seducing anybody with intent too.

Sketch of a Seducer

I couldn’t leave the dog out. He tries so hard.

Dog Seduction
Look into my eyes! You need to feed me now. You need to feed …