Today’s word is “jump”. There are three creative illustrative sections, sketching, photograph and free-flow writing.

Sketching Jump

Photographing Jump

Writing about Jump

When I think of jump I tend to picture people jumping over things like hurdles or logs. People may also jump for joy but that is not something I am prone to do. But other things jump too. Electricity will jump when contacts are close enough (though I believe that is because the EM field between the poles is strong enough to break the insulation properties of air). Quanta jump between energy states of atoms though the simplified ideas of the Bohr model I learnt at school doesn’t not compare to the quantum mechanical world of electrons being everywhere at the same until something observes them in a particular location. Flees jump and so do all sorts of animals and things. People also jump for different reasons, they may jump deliberately to compete in a competition but they may also involuntary jump when they are caught off-guard.