Whilst my home country was getting excited about (Storm/Hurricane) Ophelia and reminiscing about Michael Fish’s weather forecast blunder decades ago, here in Spain we’ve been getting rain. [I can confirm it was not confined only to the plain.] This has been a bit unfortunate since it feels like the group has been confined to the villa and I’ve not been getting out much unless you count the supermarket. After spending many hours watching streamed TV, I was determined to spend more time today outdoors. What to do though?

One of the easiest ways of passing time for me is to grab my camera and just go for a walk. I wonder around the locale and snap whatever I find interesting. I wanted to have a bit of a focus today so I set myself the task of finding flowers. I think though it was the wrong time of year to find wild flowers. There were plenty of signs of plants that had flowered but only one wild one still in bloom. Thankfully the fauna kept me on my toes so not all was lost.

The villas in the streets around ours provided some nice flowers anyway.

This is arid land with cacti and beautiful pine trees. I also managed to capture an European magpie with an Iberian magpie flying by.

Tempting though it was, I left the fruit I found in the villa gardens alone.

A good way to pass an hour and a half I think.