I wasn’t suppose to be in work today,
I was suppose to be at home writing,
Clearing my mind,
Resetting my brain,
So that for a few hours,
I might feel,
I have some control,
I have some peace,
I have some joy,
In my life.

But the new desks were arriving,
The desks that are too heavy,
For one man,
To carry,
Up two floors of steps,
I understand,
I listened,
I compromised,
and I helped.

But that was yesterday at work,
Four parcels out of eight done,
He assured me,
That tomorrow,
The rest would arrive,
He would bring them,
Between two and three,
So I went in,
I found,
Things to do,
Even though,
No desk was free.

In a way it was good that I did,
When the phone call came in,
I was there,
To arrange,
A VAT inspection visit,
Our first,
In twenty years,
Of trading,
Next Thursday?
That’s fine,
Assuming the paperwork is available.

“I really appreciate you agreeing,
To the inspection at such short notice”,
In my mind,
I guess then,
That people are usually more evasive,
But to me,
It is an opportunity,
To make sure,
That the changes,
We’ve made,
Are correct,
And mistakes pointed out now.

We establish email contact with permission granted,
For data transfer over the insecure link,
The letter,
That would have arrived,
Through the post,
Arrives in my inbox instead,
It lists,
The documents I need,
For the last four years,
I’m not even sure,
What some,
Of the things are,
I hope the bookkeeper can resolve.

I go back to the job that I was doing before,
Setting up a new computer,
To see if it will,
Talk to the server,
So many issues mentioned,
On the support site,
I don’t expect,
The connection,
To be made,
So that,
When it goes,
As smooth as butter,
I am completely flummoxed as to the success,
It can’t be true.

And now my mobile tells me it is 3:30pm,
The expected delivery has failed to arrive,
And I decide,
To take a risk,
And head home,
After all,
This isn’t a working day,
And let’s face it,
Murphy’s law says,
The desks,
Will arrive,
When I am not in,
Or am I?