Do you have anything planned for today?
Not really, though there are things I thought I would do,
It is that just now I feel fed up.

Why after the dog walk do I get down?
Is it the grey day?
The dampness that won’t go away?
The changing colour of the tress?
I don’t think so.
More likely the people I meet,
And their lives I fail not to judge,
Why do you keep over feeding your dog?
Why tell me you daughter takes advantage?
I keep these to myself,
Yes his haircut does make him look completely different.
Saying goodbye is a joke about Andy Pandy and Loopy Lou,
Not something I’ve heard since school,
I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Walking back,
The dog investigates a particularly lushes,
Patch of grass,
Probably well fertilised,
By other dogs.
A young man walks past,
Head bowed,
White in-ear phones,
Directing his thoughts,
The dog notices suddenly,
And barks excitedly at the man,
I bark at the dog,
Trying to break his obsession,
And after a few long seconds,
The dog gives up and trots over to me,
Some misunderstood duty complete,
Satisfied with his performance,
I am annoyed at both the dog’s and my lack of control,
Why is he so barky?
Old age insecurity?
Trained to bark on command,
But not to stop the racket?
I feel I should apologise,
But the man paces on,
Ignoring both the dog and me,
I am resentful of the dog,
And relieved that no communication is required,
But I am guilty of bad control.

Why do you leave,
your rubbish white bread,
for the rook with the broken wing?
It won’t do them any good,
And all that happens is,
My dog wolfs it down,
When I am not looking.
I get so annoyed,
That he ignores me when I call,
And figure out that perhaps,
That movement suggests he has found something,
More enticing than me.
We are next to a children’s nursery,
The dog is 30 or so yards away,
Do I risk shouting the command?
Still no response to my whistles,
I take a deep breath,
“LEAVE!”, rings out and two things happen,
My dog immediately starts trotting towards me,
And I stride purposefully towards him,
Bristling with indignation,
The kids however,
Carry on playing,
Unaware of the drama outside,
And as I walk, anger burning,
I try to decide what I will do next,
Why am I so lazy about his training?
The anger wants a physical outlet,
But I know that,
Will only do more harm to both of us,
I vent another command,
He slows,
Takes a couple of paces,
Head bowed,
And lies down, somehow looking contrite,
We stare at each other,
I think he is oblivious to my angry glare,
He burps,
An unfortunately reminder of the misdemeanour,
For a human,
But no embarrassment for a dog,
And my anger dissipates a bit,
I go to check out his food source,
I am pleased to see him keep lying down,
As I walk away,
A slight swivel,
To see what I am doing,
But very little movement really,
Perhaps he hasn’t forgot all the training after all.
I walk back to him,
And reattach his lead,
We walk home together,
I keep him on a very short lead,
He trots behind or beside me,
He is such a happy dog,
Quite a contrast to me.