I feel so tired,
Do I really need to get up?
I look through my past cycling records,
The distance we did on Saturday was the same as the sportive I did,
Crash trained that for four weeks after a skiing holiday,
Must prepare better next time,
Better walk the dog,
My body feels so drained,

I wanted to write about the weekend,
Ended up sorting through the photos and selecting them,
An unexpected visit from a plumber,
You’re the one with the unusual WhatsApp picture,
Need to work out dinner,
Better go shopping,
Yes I can wait a bit whilst you add to the list,
Need to head into work to pay the bills,
Share a lift? Sure, what time?
I’m not going to get any writing done.

Standing paying bills at work,
Lots of beneficiaries to add,
Payroll confusing, need a break,
Sipping vanilla chai,
Staring out of the window,
Payroll done, stay until concert,
Ok, back to sorting photos,
Go out for a meal?
Ok, but need to watch the time,
Need to text about home food,

Concert seems rather dull at start,
Tuning? Coherence? Dynamics?
Text won’t go, no reception in hall,
So many people to talk to,
Go back to guard my laptop,
Concert comes alive in second half,
That cello playing is lovely,
Woh, dynamics!
They must enjoy playing this,
I don’t remember hearing this piece before,
Wonder who it’s by?

Need to go shopping Dad for expedition,
Not tonight, I went this morning,
Will you walk the dog for me?
No I have hurt my leg remember,
Back to processing photos,
For some reason I end up walking the dog,
Back to photos,
I need a break from photos,
Two hours of “Frankie and Grace” and I head to bed,
I’ve still not finished “day 1” photos,
Why did I stay up so late?