Taxi to airport

Confidently said yes ETA done

Is that my friend at check in? No,can’t be. Yes it is.

Luggage checked in

Hi, are you going to Halifax or Toronto?

Youngest stopped at security for hoody

Chatting to a Canadian whilst filling water bottles up

Waiting at gate, it’s the same guys as at the check in – I’ve never noticed that before

Malta and Canada, where we going next? Spanish island? Azores?

Window seat, pouring with rain outside. Goodbye Glasgow.

I can’t get over how much leg room we have! Canadians have different standards to Europeans.

Wifi connect not great for movies! Download app three times (why?), finally got it working using IE.

Watched Netflix downloads. Dared to tilt seat back a bit

Over Nova Scotia. Open cast mining amongst tree, low rolling hills. Lots of water.

35 mins late, 21 degrees, sunny with clouds in Halifax

Border entry. So what’s your story? What a strange question. Which part of my story does she want? Oh, she wants to know what are plans are in Canada.

Bag collected from carousel, round corner and deposit bag and through to security again.

Randomly chosen for a closer search. Fruity hot cross buns. Any pork pies?

Body scanner for youngest (everytime?)

Have a great day. <smile>

Sweaty smelly, glad the family is sitting next to me.

Tempted by Starbucks, but no time, we are already booking back onto the flight.

I see my bag got back into the hold.

Is that the cockpit door open? I am sure that doesn’t happen anymore in Europe.

That a squadron of Hawk trainers behind us. Does the military share the airport?


Toronto is flat.

Lake is like an endless sea even from this height.

So much space but houses are built with no gardens (yards). Weird.

So many straight roads. Must be boring to drive on. How far do they go?

Waiting for the mountains to appear. It seems so dusty down there.

Look mountains but so grey and sharp. There is still snow.

There seems to be two ranges. Which one is the Rockies?

40,000 feet up and I can still make out trucks on that road!

Is that a river or a lake? Can I remember the features to work out our route?

More snow. There are some frozen lakes still up top!

That must be a forest fire. How do you report one? Is anyone living down there?

That looks like the sea. Remote wilderness seems so close to the city.

Made it. We are done with the flights.

So tired, I am feeling cold. Not ill again?

Is the airport on reclaimed land?

Some variation in height.

Must learn the traffic rules. Not now, too tired.

Brother in law’s pacific salmon followed by fruit crumble.

You’re vegan? Not the best of presents then!

Can’t believe we are still awake, gained 8 hours.

Brain too mashed to type. Will I write about today?

The recovery begins. If only I could sleep!