I know I live in Scotland, but it really is remarkable how much rain has fallen this week. Aside from Wednesday it seems like it has been raining pretty much constantly every day. Now I know the countryside wouldn’t be so green without water, and that everyday life would be much different if water wasn’t so plentiful here (I’ve sailed on yachts where water consumption was restricted – definitely no showers because we never berthed at a marina to refill), but there is something depressing about constant rain. It isn’t healthy for the mind.

I wonder why that is? Perhaps it is the constant grey featureless sky. I’m not sure that makes sense though, surely having an even colour tone is peaceful? I like peace and quiet, and rain certainly seems to dampen down activity and sound. Cold is something that stands out too. The air temperature drops when it rains, or is it the high humidity in the air that causes me to cool down more? Well it feels colder, I feel colder. I am wearing a thick fleece at the moment. I am tempted to even put on trousers when it rains but instead make do with a blanket over my legs when I am sitting down. Anyway it is easier to dry skin than dry wet trousers on my legs. Water is life though, without it Earth wouldn’t contain life, shouldn’t I love the sight of rain? Would my feelings be different if I had grown up in a desert?

I suspect it is to do with sunlight. Blue skies are more desirable because they give the hope of sunshine, and sun on our skins improves our mood. I am tempted to say a blue sky with clouds is interesting because it is constantly changing and fascinating in the same way fish constantly swimming in an aquarium or flickering fire enables contemplation and meditation. However I think a clear blue sky is perhaps the best as a source of wonder. I think we are so much open to possibilities under a blue sky compare to a grey one. Perhaps grey skies encourage us to look inward and feel numb in the life we have whilst blue skies and the distant views they give support us to look outwards and forwards to more interesting times. A blue sky encourages me to go out and do things, I want to be out there. Grey skies imbue lethargy and a desire to cuddle up somewhere warm. Grey skies are closed whilst blue are open.

It occurred to me this morning that all this rain means that it is a great time to get the bedding plants in the ground and for them to get established before dryer weather comes along (yes I do actually have to water the baskets and pots normally). Last weekend I empty our a couple of window boxes and replaced the soil in them. I felt it was enough to do for one day, so I left the planting to be done for the next. Unfortunately the rain came in the next day and stayed. The window boxes have been sitting on the garden table visible from the kitchen all week. I could have done some planting on Wednesday but it was my birthday so I didn’t (I think that was a mistake, I like gardening, people all day not so much).

I think it is time to put on the rain deflectors and get into the garden. Not only will I achieve something but for a few minutes discomfort, I will get a display of peace inducing flowers that will last for months. As a bonus I will even get to see some colour from my kitchen window the next time we get a grey day. I get the feeling that it will be a win all round. I will even discover once more that the rain isn’t actually so bad when I am out in it, as it looks from indoors.