A really interesting post and I love reading the answers to the questions people ask about autism.

Aspie State of Mind

I wish I could paint… then I could paint you an image of my mind.  A black and white masterpiece that at first observation would appear to be chaotic, a painting of a mad woman.  It would appear hastily done.  Then, after careful observation, it would reveal symmetry, shapes, patterns, and depth.

Would you see how deep it goes before it’s explained to you?  Look deeper….

How much of this painting could you align with me?  The black and white would symbolize the colors of my life and choices, with no room for gray areas.  Straight lines, and perfect shapes.  A craving for space, order and organization.  Each paint smear, although appearing to have been painted in anger with a heavy hand, will reveal the artist to be purposeful, meticulous and the strokes themselves carefully done.  All a perfect reflection of attention (or obsession with) detail.

All of this coated with…

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