I have rather surprised myself this evening. I have been feeling rather down today probably because the whole Aspie label thing is hanging over me and I not knowing how to move forward. I did keep myself busy working away on a new website for work though and apart from some frustrating layout problems, made good progress with it. I worked much longer than I had contracted to do, so when I stopped work just before 6pm I thought I needed to do something completely different that required not effort on my part. I decided to watch an episode of Iron Fist before cooking pizza for tonight’s tea. After food and washing up I decided to watch another episode but after that one I felt that was enough and needed to do something else.

Now normally I would head onto the game console and meet up with my virtual friends for some gaming time but I have been finding that less satisfying of late so I thought I should do something a bit more creative. Some of the phrases I used last night in my post had struck me at the time of writing that they might form the basis of a song, so I thought I would have another go at writing some lyrics. The weird thing is that not only did I manage some lyrics but they formed easily into a chorus, several verses and even a bridge passage. What’s more the tune just formed  from the words and hung together. I don’t think I have ever actually manage to create a whole song before, some words, the old melody but nothing coherent as a whole.

The challenge then becomes how do I keep track of all my ideas? I decided the easiest way is to record me singing the bits and I now have a new app on my mobile called “voice recorder” and four minutes of my musings. Whether I take these further remains to be seen but for now, here are the lyrics I wrote.


I am running away
no longer wanting to stay
need to make my own way
somewhere far away, from here


You and I are different,
and that used to be so good,
We would support each other,
and help our friends,
And see the trees from the wood.

You and I are older,
and many things have changed,
The ties that bind us,
have grown and left,
And now life is much more strained.

The time we have together,
is often bitter and stark,
The sparks will fly,
you want to talk,
And I just want some quiet and dark.

The contrast couldn’t be stronger,
when you return here back home,
The peace I’ve had,
at home alone,
Is shattered by your manic tone.


Opposites attract,
Is that a fact?
Sounds like a recipe for attack,
We need a part,
That we can share,
If not were we doomed from the start,
It could be time to go.