Whilst I mainly went to Malta to see my friends who are journeying around Europe on their bikes, there was always the hope of warm sunshine and the positive effect this can have on ones mood. We had a glorious time doing this walk on my last day on the islands.Having taken the ferry across to Gozo, we caught a 322 bus to Marsalforn from the ferry terminal which gave a nice indication of what Gozo is like.

The walk took several hours and was quite steep at times but the views form the hill tops are fantastic and I particular like seeing the red domed churches reaching out from every town. Being on a budget we stopped off and got a late lunch at Lidl’s on the outskirts of Victoria but next time I would like to try the restaurants in Xaghra’s main square.

Victoria, the capital of Gozo is dominated by the Cittadella. Entrance is free as is an exhibition of its history. Once inside things (like the church entry) tend to cost but it is well worth walking around the battlements for the views alone.

We got the 301 bus back from the main bus station to the ferry terminal. The bus was rather packed. This was probably my favourite day of the trip.