I decided that when I went out for a walk with the dog today I would take some photos of colourful things. We are well into the second half of January, so not your typical colourful time of year (unless you look at the skiers on the slopes – but there aren’t any, no snow) so I expected it to take a while. However, I snapped the following in one 250m stretch of the walk. This part of the path was once the main road which can be seen from the short street lights along the side, the trees now fully grown which were once part of a hedge and finally it’s name “Old Gallows Road” which used to be the path that went up the hill out of town to where thouse found guilty for capital crimes were hanged.

All the phots are “natural” but I could resist taken the picture of the purple can which someone had so neatly placed in the tree. Of course green is a colour but I was looking for something more, though where green ends and yellow starts is very much a personal choice.