Everyday this week I have woken up and it has soon become apparent to me that I am depressed; that’s four days in a row now. Each day I have tried to do things to overcome the depression but the thing I find most difficult is probably keeping up to date with my blog. Now up-to-date really just means posting at least five times a week, I don’t mind what I post, but I want to post something. Ideally it would be everyday but I am realistic enough to know that some days I just won’t have the energy.

There have been several times in meetings when it has been commented on afterwards that I didn’t seem to be paying attention a lot of the time, though people could see I was making an effort to participate, but I don’t want to write about what depression feels like currently. I thought it would be an easy and good thing to list the things that I am doing to keep going.

  • I have returned to swim training with the local Master’s club one a week and am taking my daughter along with me;
  • I cooked dinner for the family and made the effort to go out and get ingredients;
  • I telephoned my friend to see how she had got on in a recent hospital stay; we spoke for 80 minutes;
  • I rang my mother to see how she had got on sorting out a unnecessary charge an online company had make;
  • I went to my recorder playing group and played my most challenging instrument;
  • I made the effort to take some photographs for my blog postings;
  • I spontaneously agreed to go on a weeks’ trip to Malta and booked the flights and car hire;
  • I kept an eye on my work’s email inbox this afternoon even though it wasn’t a work day for me;
  • I walked the dog through the snow and icy wind (not sure the shorts will hold up much longer);
  • I’ve started an online course on solving Mass Balance equations;
  • I spent time watching a programme recommended by friends with my wife;
  • I didn’t go online and play games into the early hours of the morning;
  • I volunteered to talk to my child when she and my wife had a miscommunication;
  • I posted a problem in a forum I had following a tutorial posted online which lead to the tutorial being updated;
  • I rang our broadband provider at work to discuss an issue with quota and agreed an equitable solution;
  • I went out to lunch with my wife and friend;
  • I started a Tai Chi class with my wife;
  • I chaired a meeting a work and in my check-in, spoke about my current depression.

It is now an hour after I finished swimming. The adrenaline is wearing off and tiredness is starting to overwhelm me. Time to stop then.