One of the things that I identified for this year was to spend some time travelling by myself. I have seen blogs of people who dedicate their life to travelling and others that work to enable them to travel. Since I look at these blogs and acknowledging that I often feel more relaxed when I am on holiday, I thought I should make the effort to get out and spend a day at least once a month going somewhere and treating it like a place I hadn’t been before. I thought I would start local to Scotland to see how I got on.

So last Wednesday I decided to spend some time in Perth, Scotland. Now I had a look on Tripadvisor for the top ten sites and decided upon the Ferguson Gallery and the local Museum. Things didn’t quite go according to place because my daughter suggested we meet up for lunch which I readily agreed to, mainly because I don’t get to see much of her. This did cause a wee bit of a crisis in the family involving a handbag (with mobile) left at home, one child stranded outside the house, another child asleep in the house and nobody able to communicate with each other except through me. Thankfully the matter was resolved when sleeping child became active enough to communicate with the outside world.

I didn’t get my lunch either, but my daughter and I did visit the Ferguson gallery dedicated to the J D Ferguson, one of the Four Scotish Colourist, which contains a good number of his works housed in a refurbished beautiful Victorian water tower. We used to bring the kids here but this has been the first time I have been back since the refitting over a decade again. I do love Ferguson’s works but for me, the highlights were seeing the sketches Ferguson had made mostly in sketchbooks but occasionally on anything he had to hand. A favourite was of a portrait done on a piece of newspaper dated just before the first world war, on which could be read the American’s (I think) demanding something from the Austrians, and the British parliment discussion the Irish situation.


As I get older, I find the context in which something is created is really important in understanding the created piece more fully. Perhaps that is why my own creations are based upon my experiences of life; I want be to understood in greater depth.

Anyway, seeing the sketches created a desire in me to do similar things in order to improve my own stories. Today I finally got around to trying; mouths seem to be really hard for me, as is shading, but here are the results:





The sketches were taken from photographs found in the New Year Eve edition of the Guardian newspaper. I never made it to the museum after all.