List of things that I recognise today:

  1. Facebook is reminding me of past ski trips. I am sad that I am not skiing and that I am not ski fit.
  2. I miss chatting to my friend J who is constantly moving around europe
  3. I am behind on the accounting for family, friends, and clubs
  4. I want to try and explore the communication issues my friend is having through song/music
  5. It is coming to a point where I have time to do things but am not choosing what to do, rather I am letting external demands dictate my actions and resenting it
  6. There is a bit of inertia to get out for a walk with the dog
  7. My default state is withdrawn introspection which doesn’t usually lead to contentment
  8. I need to step up and support my daughter
  9. It would be better to carry my current enthusiast’s compact camera around than buy a new one
  10. I have my own piles of memories to deal with
  11. A new year is only special if I make it so

So what do these lead to:

  1. Getting fitter so at least I have the option to ski if the opportunity comes up or I create it – walk, run, swim, cycle
  2. Arranging to meet up with other friends more local
  3. Set aside some time today if possible to do some accounting
  4. Have a break and go for it
  5. List to-dos, prioritise, and tick some off
  6. Put some shoes on, and follow the trail
  7. Connect with positive activities and plan some in
  8. Make the call
  9. Get carrying and snapping, man-bag might help
  10. List the piles and decide which one to tackle first
  11. Connect with people you like

So the action list is:

  1. Message A about coffee
  2. Message T about swimming
  3. Walk dog, take camera
  4. Have something to eat, and brain storm song
  5. Make tea and start club accounts
  6. Tackle a pile in the bedroom
  7. Plan what to do tomorrow