The fireworks are going off in the background as I type but thankfully my dog is sleeping soundly by my side on the sofa. It is a new year now here and I feel conflicted between writing about ideas floating about in my head for posts and doing the whole review thing. So to compromise I have decided to list my main achievements for last year and perhaps some hopes for this one.

My main achievement from 2016 has to be deciding to admit I had depression and to seek help from my doctor. From this small step I moved forward in understanding myself through creative means. My main exploration has been through my writing which has been published on this blog (though I have also experimented with cartoons).

There have been some interesting comments from my face-to-face friends about my blog but on the whole they cannot reconcile the person they know with the one they read about and to be honest, I am not sure what to make of that. I suspect I am not completely honest in either my virtual or real world so perhaps I need to work on aligning the two; something to ponder on in another post.

For this year I would like to continue discovering my inner self and in particular find a purpose or ideally a passion for life. I think that means pushing against those anxiety boundaries and recognising what I want to do, then finding a means to take further steps foreward whilst still maintaining the progress I have made so far.

What does this mean in reality? Well it means doing something about my love of singing for a start, but what is a mystery currently. I think I need to do some solo travelling, though that feels rather risque to be honest; plus I want to do some fund raising.

The blog needs to be kept going too. One of the things that perhaps isn’t so obvious is that with the writing, I have for nearly every post included a photograph that I have taken. That’s quite a few photos which is a great achievement in itself. My creativity isn’t always about words then.

I hope you have a peaceful and creative year ahead of you, thanks for reading and oh, one request: if you do every get the chance to meet me, I would love a hug.