One of the many things that I neglected as the year closes is my cartoon drawing and despite making notes for panels occasionally it has taken the holiday period for me to actually find time to address this.

I do wonder why I post these but if nothing else there are a record of my progress in being creative in this particular form and since my mind rarely retains things I create then posting will at least serve as a way of recognising the effort I have made. I am still at the stage of drawing to a time limit, and as such I struggle to capture more complex objects like people and dogs but perhaps I should see this as an encouragement to draw more.

The panels below are illustrations of the day I travelled to London and my last day before I return to Scotland. By necessity these are a selection of the possible scenes I could have drawn but I hope they capture the general sense of how the days were spent. In writing I can pick apart something that I feel needs further investigation which is not something that I have managed to convey in pictures yet; perhaps that gives me something to aim for.

Journey from Scotland to London by train.
Last day before return to Scotland

Plus I will add in my warm up drawings, as usual I love how the time reduction between panels forces the creative simplification of the object. The snail is a wooden object I was given as a present, whereas the Christmas tree is created purely from my imagination.