I want to review what I wrote about my dislikes. At the time, I didn’t feel that any particular words jumped out at me though they were there under the surface and I was spending too much brain power discussing my dislikes to go further and pull out summarising words. Now that time has come.

  • With the dog walking, there was a sense of connecting with different kinds of people, and wanting to keep my dog in good mental and physical health.
  • With talking to people I don’t know, there is also a sense of connecting with people and also discovering new things through them. There is also a sense of caring in the community in wanting to share with people a word or two, or perhaps a gesture to fundamental acknowledge that they exist.
  • The travel by plane to other countries looked at wanting to be environmentally friendly but compromising that principal with educating myself through new cultures and lands which is fundamental to living to me. There was also an important distinction that more in-depth education comes from first-hand experience.
  • Whilst tidying up, looked at the responsibilities of sharing space for all to enjoy and acknowledging that having a place for everything would make like easier. There is also I think an concept of treating everything for the benefit of the all the stakeholders, but it is also about treating the object well too. This feels like it could tie in with the environmental principals too and caring for the community.
  • The dealing with the cable contract changes, I mentioned the difficulty in communicating with people over the phone and the anxiety that such situations provoke. This was offset by the desire to get value for money, and to spend resources more wisely for getter benefit to others.
  • Having a shower raised concerns about control and using resources whilst acknowledging the pleasures it can bring.
  • Playing different recorders typified the difficulty of doing hard tasks in social environments whilst acknowledging the feeling of self-worth such challenges can bring. That ties in with education then, but I also mentioned giving to the group as well as performing for others in the hope that I am contributing to the improvement of their lives too.
  • Going to a noisy bar seems to be about connecting with people again, sharing experiences, and education through others knowledge despite the anxiety the noisy levels can bring.
  • Taking the kids skiing is about being responsible despite the anxiety, it is about educating my children with a new experience and sharing it, and I guess there is also the experience of new cultures. Passing on an experience I love to my kids also gives me a sense of achievement.
  • Buying food for beggars seems to be about appeasing my guilt for not giving more support for my local community whilst acknowledging that I have limited resources and my priority seems to be keeping control over my anxieties.

So the words that pop out to me through looking at typical dislikes are:

  • Connecting
  • Health
  • Education
  • Caring
  • Control
  • Stewardship
  • Balancing


I think it is possible to subsume health into caring, and balancing into stewardship. These form a subset of the word list I created from looking at things I did enjoy doing. The other words that are missing  are:

  • Acceptance
  • Escape
  • Achievement
  • Recognition

I find it interesting that the words that have formed out of my dislikes are all about focusing on other people, that is the drive to get over the dislike is for the benefit of other people. When I look at my likes, the extra words are focussed on myself. Recognition could have fitted in with the dislike list when I examine taking my kids skiing but probably achievement could be added in there too from the skiing and recorder playing. I think I would probably write peace instead of escape but when I think about that, escape was focussed on my mental health and in essence, I am talking about stewardship of my own mind. Now I am wondering if control could also be swallowed up stewardship too.

I think I will end there. I am rather tired and I think I need a break in order to carry analysing and clarifying this list.