I am struggling with the “finding core values” process. This could just be a sign that I need to have a change of scene and do something else for a while, or it could be that I am subconsciously avoiding looking at something because I am afraid of what I might find. Either way though, I want to push on a bit more and look at things that I dislike but do anyway. It isn’t helping that someone is bouncing an exercise ball up and down in the hallway at random moments; I wonder if they are having tough times thinking too.

In a similar way as to when I looked at things I liked, I have made a list. This time I am not going to look at the whole list. Experience from last time suggests that looking at say eight issues may be enough to pull out the majority of the values. This also fits in with some reading I have been doing about statistical significance of qualitative data samples where selective criteria can be used to gain most of the insights that the data holds with a limited number of questions. I am going to try to group the things I have listed and then choose a representative for that group to analyse more fully. For example, last time I think “keeping fit”, “skiing”, “cycling” and “swimming” could have been grouped together and just one of the activities looked at in more depth to gain the end points.

Looking at my list I have several items I would group together as chores and I think I will choose “tidying up” as a representative. Another group would be arranging or making changes for a contract with an external provider, “ringing to change the cable contract” would be an example of that. Then there are doing things for myself like “having a shower” but I think “learn to play different recorders” is similar but different somehow. There is a group that involves spending time with friends like “go to a bar when it is probably too noisy” and another involving my family like “taking my kids skiing”. There is the sense of doing something about injustice e.g. “asking beggars if they would like something to eat”.

The last three I think are distinct so that leaves me with the following list:

  • Hang about with people I don’t respect
  • Talk to people I don’t know
  • Visit a country I can only reasonably get to by plane
  • Tidying up
  • Ringing to change the cable contract
  • Having a shower
  • Learning to play different recorders
  • Go to a bar which is probably too noisy
  • Taking my kids skiing
  • Asking beggars if they would like something to eat

That has come to ten statements from a starting point of twenty five. It seems a good number to me. Right I am going to stop there, I feel good about getting this list and I feel okay about leaving it to another time to analyse.