I am not sure why this one didn’t get posted earlier, I think today is going to be a bit of a catch-up day for me.

This cartoon should be title “Wednesday 2nd November” and it depicts moments of the day selected from a list I drew up. The morning was dominated with worrying and then ringing my daughter to check to see if she knew our family friend had died. This ties in with the post “Aspects of Death” I wrote and posted as shown in frame three.

The afternoon was taken up meeting a couple of screen writing friends for lunch. It was a lovely drive and we spent many hours chatting about our writing work and the difficulties we face. I certainly learnt a lot about script writing and what an incredibly long process it is.

The evening was more domestic, looking at the summer holiday, going shopping before finally switching off by playing video games.

I guess ideally this narative would be included in the cartoon but with 90 seconds to draw each one, I dont think you’ll see anything like that for a while!