A week nearly slipped by without me doing any drawing but thankfully I felt the muse to draw on an outing this afternoon. I am actually feeling rather overwhelmed today which is kind of scary because the trigger seems to be an excellent thing to discuss but perhaps because there is no easy answer, it has disturbed me greatly. I wasn’t really away of how insidious this issue was knawing away at me until I looked at a video of an Asperger’s guy talking about vaccines. His take wasn’t the one I expected and I felt angry and overwhelmed as I watched it, how could anybody perpectuate this rubbish? This anger is the warning sign for me and although I want to address the video, I also need to deal with the issue that cropped up this morning. I have neither the energy or capacity to do so at the moment and in looking at the drawings I did today, I find a calm and a peace that pushes back the turmoil in my mind.

Whilst others visited the castle, I separated and when for a coffee and cake. I thought I might write about this morning’s issue but instead I was inspired to draw. I am leading a creativity workshop in a week’s time and wanted to go through the main piece of the work we will be doing. We are going to be looking at the analogy of cartoon drawing to poetry, so the first thing I did was to order a coffee and muffin. I found a table in a quieter spot and then made a list of things that I associate with writing. I then draw out a three by three box panel which would form the page of my drawings.

It was at this point that I thought I really should do a warming up exercise. Initially I thought about drawing the table and chairs I could see opposite me, but then I decided to do the empty plate and mug in front of me. Unfortunately I left my mobile at home so after a quick look on the laptop I found a countdown timer and proceeded to setup the required timers for the exercise.

So here’s the coffee mug and empty muffin case exercise:


I really struggled with the shape of the mug to start with and I really like how the second panel looks so much better than the first! As usual the lines fall away as the time decreases.

Here’s a the original scene (though I hesitate putting this in):


Next I did my “Things associated with writing” cartoon. As usual each panel gets 90 seconds to be finished.


I find it interesting to note that quite often I found 90 seconds to be too long for one panel; I think that is a good sign.

Finally I decided to draw a scene from the castle and after wondering around a bit, settled on this inner gate:


I have no idea how long this took to do but I really like it. I wonder if anybody recognises it?

For a few moments at least I feel peaceful again, time to head back into real life; not for too long though.