Officially my cartoon drawing course is over but I am trying to keep up doing some practice whilst trying to soak up rays from the sun covered in high cloud in the optimistic hope that my psoriasis will magically disappear.

First I did a limbering up exercise where I completed six panels of the same scene but each panel had to be completed within a strict time limit. The sequence starts quite generously with three minutes available for the first panel, and since the rules state that the time has to be fully filled there is a tendancy to add fine details on this one. I get one minute for the second panel, but then the time allocation drops harshly first to 30 seconds, then to 15 seconds, followed by ten seconds and finally five seconds. There really isn’t any time to capture any fine detail by the second half.

Normally my tutor would set the subject matter but on my own I decided to be inspired by my holiday surroundings.I chose to sit on a sun lounger by the pool and drew the scene directly opposite me across the pool. Here is the result:

The 3-piece wicker set became the focus of the exercise.

Next I decided to have a go a drawing the villa from the pool area. No time limit here on this one and I found trying to differentiate between bricks and plants quite tricky.

Villa Mar Blau

After a snooze when my head was covered in my t-shirt to keep the amber bellied flies off my face, I picked out nine things that I enjoyed about the holiday from a list I made last night. As usual, each panel was allowed 90 seconds to be drawn as best I could so that I didn’t get bogged down with detail.


I tried to add the t-shirt into the last panel as a momento.