Normally this post would have joined the queue of other posts that I have written and would have been published four days from now. However I feel the need to post it; it seems important to acknowledge this pain right now.

I have written to my friends in America,
Explaining to them how our families are intertwined,
They are all Dads and I know they will understand,
Appreciate what your diagnosis means to us,
And I shed tears.

I have written to my friend in Portugal,
She knows you,
I have neglected that friendship to sort myself out,
Through you I have renewed it,
Ending my letter with thoughts on the cruety of your cancer.

I have written to your husband,
My friend,
You are both my friends,
Trying to show support in his time of need,
Trying to show an inkling of understanding,
And I shed tears.

I know my tears are not shed alone.