Charlie has just left for the day, I believe the Kelpies and Doune Castle are on the list of visitor attractions. The weather in Scotland never really settles and after a glorious blue sky and warm evening we were treated to a spectacular thunder storm starting around one o’clock in the morning and going on until two at least. Two is when I went to bed, and the storm will still in full power, lashing down rain and hail stones, as well as light and noise (which reminds me of my sister-in-laws talk on adolescents “Sturm und Drang” though that translates into “Storm and Drive”).

Interestingly we will be driving through the storm to get to Glasgow later because it is the eldest child’s birthday. Yes it is still raining, and although the thunderstorms have faded during the morning (not unfortunately whilst I was out walking the dogs – very “Sturm und Drang” I needed a complete change of clothes) there is a weather warning in place for localised storms being triggered off by the warm air coming up for the south. I can’t detect this warm air at the moment, the temperature scale has dropped by about ten degrees over yesterday, and after my soaking earlier, I sit here in a long sleeve shirt and jumper. I have shorts and underwear on too, in case you’re wondering, and a warm poodle partially covering the top of my bare right foot.

Charlie and Bobby got on tremendously well, as I was hoping they would. You see Charlie is a cockerpoo (a second generation one apparently), but apart from his chest size and weight, I reckon his is mostly poodle. He is a little bit more timid than Bobby and five years younger, but they have very similar coats – curly slightly beige off white and a lot of the mannerisms are the same. They met in our back garden and immediately started running round it despite the heat. No barking or growling, just sniffing, jumping, and running. It was great because I was worried Bobby might be a bit territorial. They are not sharing bodily warmth yet, strictly separate beds and dozing areas but I did get them both to sit on my lap briefly which is a start.

I recognise that on my journey, I am identifying more with Bobby. I now apologise when I leave him behind in the house, feeling guilty when I look into his sad face. Okay that’s my interpretation but I can definitely tell when the penny drops in his head, the excitement evaporates, head and ears droop a little and he has realised that he is staying behind. I appreciate his eagerness to see me and be with me, though I do get a bit irritated when he pads around after me all the time. I enjoy his warm and seeming contentment when he lays on my stomach as we settle down on the sofa for another snooze.

So I am grateful for Charlie giving Bobby some company whilst I am not around. I wish I could get Bobby a more permanent companion of his own species but that is very unlikely. Meanwhile, Charlie’s holiday is Bobby’s holiday too.