A while ago, I wrote about my changing relationship with the catholic church. I was asked what I didn’t believe in, but I first read the comment as what I “did” believe in and spent a day thinking about that first. For some reason I went back to the comment to re-read it and to my relief, discovered my mistake.

I find what I don’t believe in to be a much easier question to answer and it seems I could go on for ever with that list. However, I think personally it is more worthwhile to dwell on what axioms I do live by, but I have to say, that’s not an easy thing to tease out. Eleven days ago, I finally forced myself to write something down and today I thought I should try and finish it. Having gone over my thoughts again though, I find that what I did write is enough. I don’t think it is complete by any stretch, but it is enough.

I am aware too, that the delay means something. I think I am unsure what people will make of these very personal statements, I hope I don’t offend anybody.

What I don’t believe in:

  • Any religion that claims they are the one true religion
  • There is salvation
  • One all powerful god that needs to be worshipped
  • Jesus was the son of god, died and was resurrected for all our sins
  • Hierarchical structures
  • Women having a subservient role
  • Words without action
  • Transubstantiation
  • Marriage for life
  • Being against contraception
  • Minorities being treated differently
  • Black and white judgements

What I do believe in:

  • The decision you make is the best one at that moment
  • To be human you need to touch
  • A sense of self-determination is important
  • Life is about exploring creatively and connecting with others
  • Being creative is rising to the challenge
  • Your need is a gift to be shared