Today I am looking using Twitter for inspiration. So here is my choice from the #quotes search:

I find this quote intriguing. There are two parts to it. Letting “go of what I am” before becoming “what I might be”. Presumably I need to know then, what I am before I can let it go. Unfortunately I think there are many ways at labelling me and everyone else. There’s the roles I play in my environments and each thing I do is a different environment.

At the moment I am thinking and writing but so far this morning I have been:

  • the parent making sure a child goes to school
  • the depressed man struggling to get out of bed
  • the family bank dispensing cash to afore mentioned child for school dinners
  • the company IT guru
  • the dog groomer
  • the dog walker and feeder
  • the clothes washer and drying man
  • the dish washer that decided to do it later

As well as my personal washer, dresser, and feeder!

That means that I have had contact with at least three different environments: the home, the local neighbourhood, and the workplace. And the day is only a few hours old for me.

There are two ways I can think of letting all this go without dying. First find an isolated spot and meditate on nothing as it were. The second is leaving all goods and relationships behind and going on a unplanned trip. I guess one could combine the two and do the “Kung Fu” kind of thing (I loved that programme as a kid) but he was undertaking a task too so maybe that wouldn’t count.

I have two friends who are currently wondering around the world on their bikes. They didn’t quite give up everything, there still have a house and a flat they rent out, but they did just head off with only a vague idea of where they were going. I was going to join them for a bit, but after a week’s holiday cycling down the Danube with my family last Summer, I decided that this continuously moving on style of living wasn’t for me. I want to sit and smell the roses too.

On the other hand, doing the same things over and over again leads to staleness and dogma. I need to be doing new things in order to live, and to live means being creative to me. I deliberately put myself in groups when I am more comfortable on my own, because I learn new things about myself and others.

So perhaps that really is what this quote is saying. Put yourself in unfamiliar situations and uncomfortable places, because only then will you truely get to know yourself.