It isn’t easy to write down my thoughts on why I think the UK should stay part of the EU. On a personal level I have friends in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Greece. I have also visited these countries and with the exception of Greece and the Czech Republic, I can speak some of the language. So I guess the community of Europe is very real to me. Would these things change if Brexit happened? No they wouldn’t. I also have many friends in other countries, and even if I cannot visit them, current technology still allows me to communicate with them.

When I look at the issues as summarised by the BBC News website a lot of the arguments revolve around the fact that the UK contributes more money to the EU than it receives back. This suggests we are one of the wealthier members of the EU to me, and looking around me that would appear so. If you haven’t travelled in Europe then maybe this isn’t so obvious. Anyway the point seems to be the money.

I remember the pre-Thatcher years before “greed is good” caught on, though I admit I wasn’t very old, and like most people of my background I was caught up with the possibilities of making more money. Times change though, and through experience and knowledge, I broke free of my Conservative upbringing and moved towards a more socialist direction. I believe it is only right and just that people who have more support the less well off. Help others and when your need comes around, they will be more than happy to help you.

I now live in a country where socialism is the main party in power, and if it wasn’t for its Nationalist agenda, I would probably support the SNP. So when Scotland voted to stay in the UK, I was happy because fundamentally I believe you are better off being part of a system than not because it is easier to change something from the inside than out. Equally I believe we are better being in the EU than out of it.

Trade Unions grew up in response to the unequal power balance that business owners had. The EU can deal better with the rest of the world with the UK in it, we would be rather small on our own. Time has moved on, and so has the UK. We are no longer a world power, our empire days are long gone, it’s time to stop fighting our neighbours and learn to get along with them. If you hadn’t noticed, castles with moats are no longer needed.