I love the big open space of this station hall. It’s not something you tend to see in the UK, though with the redevelopment of some the London stations you do get a sense of it in say King’s Cross.

Anyway, looking at the photo for longer, it is the people that I am drawn to and the contrast they represent. Initially I assumed all these people were travellers, some will be going about their local neighbourhood, some will be travelling from the suburbs, some from further afield.

But it’s not all about movement. There will be some who are waiting for people to arrive, some who are working, perhaps some looking for charity, some even looking to steal.

And looking closer, I can see writing saying “subway to 42nd Street” and “Vanderbilt Avenue” and using the information and Google I see it is Grand Central Station. This surprises me, if somebody had pushed me, I would have said it was Grand Central but probably because it is the only train station I could name in the States!

This photo also represents the world we live in. At the edges of the hall you will see at least six military personnel intently looking at the travellers. I assume they are on the look out for terrorists. Is this everyday life for Americans now? Life goes on but there is an undercurrent of fear and watchfullness. Though equally I suspect that I am not the only person that knows of this one train station in the States, that general knowledge in the world view makes it a target.

I do find it sad that nowadays it is quite common to see armed police on the streets in the UK and how quickly I have adjusted to it. I barely register them now when I pass through King’s Cross.