I guess this post is designed to reveal something about me. I am suppose to write a list starting with one of the four titles:

  • Things I like
  • Things I’ve learned
  • Things I wish
  • Things You’re Good At

It seemed that the last one would be the most difficult for me, but in the end I went through them all.

Things I am good at:

  1. I intuitively understand things, or if I don’t then I figure them out.
  2. I can read music
  3. I play most types of recorder
  4. I can swim well
  5. I can dance
  6. I sing and harmonise
  7. I am a good listener
  8. I am willing to learn about anything
  9. I write a good newsletter
  10. I make a mean scone

Things I wish

  1. I wish I would follow my dreams
  2. I wish that people respected others who put they lives on the line
  3. I wish that people cared more for the long term prospects of others
  4. I wish I could live without a car
  5. I wish I didn’t comfort eat
  6. I wish I was happy with myself
  7. I wish I didn’t explode with emotional overload
  8. I wish I didn’t have small ankles
  9. I wish I had a south facing back garden
  10. I wish I could go skiing more often

Things I’ve learnt

  1. Dying is easy,
  2. Living requires effort
  3. Life is easier when I don’t compare myself with others
  4. To live is to be creative
  5. Adventures start from the inside
  6. Home is what you make of it
  7. Holidays are necessary to gain perspective
  8. The only one person that can provide what you need is yourself
  9. Absolutely nothing is black and white, things go wrong when you think they are
  10. Touch is fundamental to being human

Things I like

  1. Music that makes me want to sing and dance
  2. Playing music with others
  3. Expressing myself through writing
  4. Meeting new people
  5. Seeing new places through the eyes of the people that live there
  6. Speaking a foreign language
  7. Learning about myself through others
  8. Being creative in my own time
  9. Being greeted by a very enthusiastic dog when I come home
  10. Cycling through the countryside
  11. The sensuality of water